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D-नर्स मोबाइल ग्लूकोज मीटर

Blood Glucose Meter for Smartphone


The Dnurse SP1 blood glucose monitoring system includes: 

1. Dnurse SP1 blood glucose meter

2. Dnurse SP1 blood glucose test strip

3. Dnurse SP1 APP and Sinocare blood glucose control solution. 

    They work together to accurately test blood glucose. Using other test strip and control solution with your Dnurse SP1 blood glucose meter may produce inaccurate results.

Dnurse SP1 APP function:

1. Blood glucose measurements: Dnurse SP1 blood glucose meter with smartphone, it helps for blood glucose measuring, and data saving.

2. Data Management: The existing data will be automatically organized into glucose logs, tables, curve and charts, which make is easier for data analysis. Users can also add other data like diet, exercise, and medications, etc.

3. Dnurse SP1 Reminder: Dnurse SP1 APP collects blood glucose data analyzes data accordingly. User can adjust their monitoring plan, medication reminding plan and other activities following those data.

4. Knowledgebase: Provide users with the latest knowledge of diabetes.

5. Message and chat: Message and chat between patient to patient, patient-relatives and medical staff-patient.

रक्त मात्रा ०.μμL
नमूना प्रकार केशिका सम्पूर्ण रगत रक्तस्राव
क्यालिब्रेसन प्लाज्मा बराबर
समय मापन गर्दै 10s
Test strip chemical composition FAD glucose dehydrogenase, potassium
ferricyanide, non-reactive ingredients
Test strip storage condition 1 ℃ ~ 30 ℃
परिमाण 103×57×22(mm)
वजन 1.8oz(52g)without batterie
पावर स्रोत Built-in lithium-ion battery, DC 3V
परीक्षण अवस्था Temperature: 10℃~35℃
सापेक्ष आर्द्रता:
≤80% RH (non-condensing)
Hematocrit: 30%~60%
Note: Use within specified environmental
conditions only.
अपरेटिंग सर्त 10℃~35℃  RH≤80%
निर्माण हात समाई
मापन एकाइहरू मिलीग्राम / डीएल वा एमएमओएल / एल
मापन दायरा २० ~ mg०० मिलीग्राम / डीएल वा १.१ ~ .20~.m एमएमओ / एल

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