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In doctor's offices and hospitals, point of care diagnostics devices (poct devices) are used to provide immediate results of medical testing. They are able to perform glucose and cholesterol testing, electrolyte analysis, testing for drugs of abuse, and pregnancy testing.

Often, these gadgets are simpler to operate than laboratory apparatus. These devices are more popular among medical professionals. Yet, their use does not come without drawbacks.

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In the emergency department, where time is money, it is not surprising that a speedy test result can mean life or death. There are, thankfully, numerous novel technologies available to assist us in making the best judgments possible for patients and doctors. One of the most economical is a point of care devices that can be attached to a fingertip, allowing for a speedy and stylish medical examination on the fly. In a clinical setting, the same device can produce a vast array of laboratory data, such as blood glucose, oxygen level, urea, and other electrolyte values. This information can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical conditions. Having a mobile point-of-care solution in place will guarantee that your ED staff has all the necessary tools to provide you and your patient with the highest quality treatment.

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