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Lenane la Tlhahlobo ea Mekha ea Mali

Lengeloi le bolokehileng la AQ

FAD-GDH monitoring system & Strong anti-interference & Accurately & Professional & Battery power warning.

  • Overview

    Safe AQ Angel Blood Glucose Monitoring System is designed for easy, user-friendly, convenient operation and only needs a small volume of blood sample. The Safe AQ Angel Test Strips require no coding which saves time and avoids human error due to improper operations. The memory mode allows you to save up to 200 blood glucose test results and 10 blood glucose control solution test results.

  • Likarolo (Melemo ea botekgeniki)

    1) Anti multiple interferences reliable results
    2) Less blood volume required only 0.6μL
    3) User-friendly operation system: fast 5s test time & non-interference

  • Litšobotsi tsa Tshebetso
    The Safe AQ Angel blood glucose monitoring system complies with the requirements of ISO 15197:2013 ( In vitro diagnostic test systems- Requirements for blood glucose monitoring systems for self-testing in managing diabetes mellitus).
ga tlhaloso
Bophahamo ba mali0.6μL
Mohlala oa mohlala'Mele oa mali kaofela
PhaputsoPlasma e lekanang
Nako ea ho lekanya5s
Boemo ba ho boloka limmapa / boemelo-20~55℃
teba ka103×57×22(mm)
Weight1.8oz(52g)without batterie
motlakaseng3VDC, 2 AAA alkaline batteries
memori200 blood glucose measurement results with
letsatsi le nako
10 Control Solution measurement results with
letsatsi le nako
Boemo ba ts'ebetso10℃~35℃; ≤80% RH
kahoE tšoeroe ka letsoho
Mealo ea litekanyomg / dL kapa mmol / L
Mealo ea tekanyo20~600 mg/dL or 1.1~33.3mmol/L
Hlakola bophelo10 years(estimated by test 7 times per day).
During use, user should maintain the product
refer to this user manual’s requirements.
◆ User performance evaluation:
A study evaluating glucose values from fingertip capillary blood samples obtained by 100 lay persons showed the following results:

100 % within ±0,83 mmol/L (±15 mg/ dL) of the YSI values at glucose concentrations below 5,55 mmol/l (100 mg/ dL), and 100 % within ±15 % of the YSI values at glucose concentrations at or above 5,55 mmol/L (100 mg/ dL).