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TBA CHE α-AMY Digestive System Screening Rapid Reagent Kit

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[email dijaga] The Total Bile Acid/Cholinesterase/α-Amylase Reagent Kit is intended to quantitatively determine total bile acid (TBA), and measure the activity of cholinesterase (CHE) and α-amylase (α-AMY) in human venous serum. Clinically, it is mainly used as an aid in the diagnosis of hepatobiliary diseases or injuries, organophosphorus poisoning and pancreatic diseases.

Pamakéan dimaksudkeun

Total bile acid (TBA) is the end product of cholesterol metabolism in liver and is existed in the enterohepatic circulation. It is closely related to the absorption, metabolism and adjustment of cholesterol. Serum TBA is a relatively sensitive diagnose indicator for substantial liver injury and digestive system diseases. TBA specifically reflects the excretory function of liver, as TBA elevates once there are hepatic cell lesion or enterohepatic circulation disorder.

CHE is a glycoprotein which exists in human body in form of several isozymes. The measuring of CHE activity is an important method that helps to diagnose organophosphorus intoxication and evaluate substantial liver injury.

α-AMY is mainly secreted by sialaden and pancreas, and can be filtered by glomerulus. Currently, the detection of α-AMY is the main method of diagnosing pancreatitis.

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test Cipondoh, Tangerang



Getih sérum

Time réaksi

10 menit

ngukur Range

TBA: 5.0~180.0   µmol/L

CHE: 400~20000   U/L

α-AMY: 5.0~1500   U/L

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