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Lipid and Blood Glucose Monitor

User Friendly: Easy Operation 

Fast Rapid Throughput: Glu – 5s; Lipid – 100s

USB Online Printing and Bluetooth Data Transmission


      The PalmLab® (Model: SLX-120&SLX-121): Lipid and Blood Glucose Monitoring System is for the quantitative measurement of total cholesterol(TC), high density lipoprotein(HDL) cholesterol, triglycerides(TG), and glucose(GLU). A Chol/HDL ratio and estimated values for low density lipoprotein(LDL) cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol are calculated by the analyzer.

The below expected or reference ranges recommended are from the US National Cholesterol Education Program(NCEP) 2001 Guidelines:

Totalt Cholesterol (TC) Expected Values

● Below 200 mg/dL (5.18 mmol/L) - desirable

● 200-239 mg/dL(5.18-6.20mmol/L) - borderline to high

● 240mg/dL(6.21mmol/L) and above - high

HDL Cholesterol  Expected Values

● Below 40mg/dL(1.04mmol/L) – low HDL (High risk for CHD*)

● 60mg/dL(1.55mmol/L) and above – high HDL(Low risk for CHD*)

*CHD – Coronary Heart Disease

Triglycerides (TG) Expected Values

● Below 150mg/dL(1.70mmol/L) - normal

● 150-199mg/dL(1.70-2.25mmol/L) - borderline high

● 200-499mg/dL(2.26-5.64mmol/L) - high

● 500mg/dL and above(5.65mmol/L) - very high

LDL Cholesterol Expected Values

● Below 100mg/dL(2.59mmol/L) - optional

● 100-129 mg/dL(2.59-3.35mmol/L) - near optional

● 130-159 mg/dL(3.36-4.12mmol/L) - borderline high

● 160-189mg/dL(4.13-4.90mmol/L) - high

● 190mg/dL(4.91mmol/L) - very high

LDL can be calculated using the equation below. Calculated LDL is an estimation of LDL and valid only if Triglyceride level is 400mg/dL or below.


A Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio(TC/HDL ratio) can also be calculated.


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