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Portable Glycated Hemoglobin Analyzer; Fast test time: ≤3.5min; Providing voice guidance; 4.0%~15.0% test range for HbA1c; Reflect the control of glycemic before the past 2~3 months


Sinocare is devoted to the research on the Point-of Care Testing for the Whole course management of diabetes.

We already have 2 kinds of POCT devices to help for Prevention of the Diabetes complications.

Since the life span of hemoglobin is usually 8-12 weeks, HbA1c is an indicator reflecting the previous average blood glucose level of 2-3 months.

HbA1c positively correlated with blood glucose concentration

Blood draw time, fasting, and insulin use were not associated

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The HbA1c Monitoring System is for in vitro diagnostic use only.

Clinically, The HbA1c Monitoring System is mainly used for auxiliary diagnosis of diabetes and monitoring of average blood glucose level.
The HbA1c Monitoring System consists of a PCH-100 HbA1c analyzer and HbA1c Reagent Kit.
The HbA1c Reagent Kit is designed to be used with the PCH-100 HbA1c Analyzer to quantitatively determine hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) in capillary (fingerprick) or venous whole blood.
The HbA1c Monitoring System should only be operated by professional users, doctors or laboratory assistants authorized by Changsha Sinocare Inc. or qualified distributors.
1.2 Working Principle
PCH-100 employs solid-phase reflection method to quantitatively measure the percentage of hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) among total hemoglobin.

Bagay Parametro
Ang pamamaraan Test Relative deviation≤±10%
Katumpakan Coefficient of variation(CV)≤8%
Hanay ng pagsukat
4.0% ~ 15.0%
Sampol ng dugo fresh capillary whole blood, venous whole blood
Oras ng pagsubok ≤3.5mins
Laki ng sample 5µl
HCT 30 60-%
Test Temperature
15 ℃
Reagent na kondisyon ng imbakan
2-8 ℃ ; Huwag mag-freeze
Expiry date Un-opened: 12 months
Opened: 4 hours
Manlilimbag Built-in thermal printer