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#BA-801 blood pressure monitoring system is intended for external use only and widely applied in monitoring blood pressure and heartbeat. It is using oscillometric measuring method.

Ease to use Smart pressure tech Voice reminder

High blood pressure reminder Average of 3 measurement values

Arrhythmia detection function



بی اے- 801

Measuring method:


Memory function:

Storage and recall 90 measurements with average

کا مشاھدہ:

ڈیجیٹل LCD

پیمائش کی حد:

Pressure:0-280 mmHg Pulse:40-199/minute

Sensor accuracy:

Pressure:±3mmHg Pulse:±5%

Inflation system:

Electro-pneumatic pump

Arm size ranges:

24-34 cm(9.4-13.4 inches)


1.5V alkaline(LR6/AA)X4

Automatic power-off:

Approx,1 minute after measurement

Reference method for clinical trials:

Auscultatory measurement

: وزن

Approx.460g(NO batteries)

Storage and transport condition:

+5C~+40℃ 10٪ ~ 90٪ RH

Operating condition:

-20C ~ + 65C 10٪ ~ 95٪ RH

Standard cited:

EN 1060-1 EN 60601-1-2 EN 1060-3 EN 14971

EN 60601-1YY-0670